How Can a Lawyer Assist When an Ex-Spouse Refused to Pay Child Support?

One would automatically assume that both spouses will be there for their child until they’ve reached the age of 21. Once through the help of a divorce attorney in Medford Oregon at, the court ordered one party to pay child support, it would be a legal requirement to honor this agreement.

As a matter of fact, the non-custodial partner may find themselves facing severe legal consequences should they neglect to uphold what they set out to do. This regulation applies to any stage of the divorce settlement.

The other party may take it upon themselves to try and solve a missed payment issue out of court. However, one should get it that to take control of such matters on your own accord does not usually end well.

Maybe you have a friendly relationship with your ex-spouse in which case it may be feasible to have a discussion with them to find a workable solution to resolve a missed payment issue. However, you must never hesitate to call upon a skilled family law attorney in Medford should the other person carry on to neglect their legal responsibility to pay child support.

Several steps can be followed to enforce child support payments, such as the following:

  • Through legal means, an income execution can be imposed where payments towards child support will be deducted from the earnings of the person responsible for this.
  • The defaulting party may find their driver’s license gets suspended or in the case of a business professional, their business license will be suspended.
  • The guilty individual who neglected to pay can get a money judgment filed against them.
  • When one willfully fail to pay court-ordered child support, you can be sent to prison.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire professional, legal assistance once you are up against an unresponsive or uncooperative ex-spouse.

Should they regularly fail to give the kind of support, then you and your child need, it is time you take them on.

How to Win Your Child Custody Case

When involved in a dispute concerning child custody, for you to know how to prepare yourself, it is important you are aware of the processes followed regarding how custody is decided.

In days gone by, the courts would usually favor a mother when it comes to child custody. This is not the case anymore. Nowadays, they would assess each situation individually to determine what would be in the best interest of the child.

How May You Improve Your Chances of Being Victorious in a Child Custody Case?

To secure a favorable outcome and improve your chances, one should take the necessary steps to show your ability to offer a positive and caring environment that would be in the interest of the child.

While you are not in a position to control every aspect of what the court would decide concerning child custody, such as how the other party behaves or their situation, you may influence a variety of factors through your own behavior.

For instance, you could volunteer to help out with social projects or afterschool activities that involve your child. Also, medical records may come to the fore in various areas of the custody battle that can be used in your favor. It would be to your advantage to have a thorough knowledge of their medical history and any appointments that will come up.

Never engage in any kind of deceptive behavior as the court watches every party involved closely to decide in favor of the children. It is crucial that you refrain from attacking your partner’s character to turn your kids against them.  Doing so will hurt the child custody case. Courts usually grant joint custody. So, you would stand in the way of their development opportunities with the other person by downplaying your partner to your kids.

Ask relevant questions: Child custody turns out to be a complex issue and can be very intimidating for the most part. Family law attorneys who specialize in divorce cases know this and are fully aware that the average person may not have sufficient knowledge in all areas of the law.

However, a knowledgeable law person can only render professional assistance once all parties involved are on the same page.