Stay on Target Through Using noise reduction devices

One of the most important aspects for any rifle shooter is the ability to stay on target, which is something muzzle brake & compensator at MadHouse Design afford them to do. While a few percentage points difference concerning recoil reduction may not make all that much of a difference or score, you more hits, a brake that assists one to stay on target can be a huge advantage.

One can take a couple of follow-up shots in quick succession if you manage to stay on target. More importantly, it allows for precision shooting as you can see how the bullet you just fired off impacts.

New shooters will benefit greatly by being able to spot how the bullet splashes as it will provide them with the opportunity to tune their windage adjustments and elevation with confidence. Besides, during competitions you are pretty much on your own. Therefore, brakes that ensure you remain on target and lets you spot your own shots prove to be a critical piece of equipment.

Testing the Accuracy of Shots Using Recoil Suppressors

The best way to record the full range of a muzzle movement is to leave the rear of your rifle unsupported and to fire from a bench. Then it is simply a case of checking where the crosshairs ended once you fired the shot.

Expert shooters, or even a close friend of yours who knows the ins and outs of shooting with a silencer, may suggest that you attach a laser to the rifle and a slow-motion camera that is capable of recording at least 240 fps, which is ten times faster than a typical video camera.

From here, you could attach your high-speed camera to the spotting scope a couple of yards away to ensure the gasses escaping from the brake wouldn’t obscure the image.

At this point, you may want to place your target about 30 yards away with a grid of 1-inch by a 1-inch square on it, so you have yourself an aiming point. Then, you’d have to align your laser with the aiming point before firing the shot. The camera would then record where the laser moved. It is best to take a couple of shots to get an overall idea of how well your rifle performs when equipped with a noise reducer.

You’d be surprised how well this works. By analyzing the video you’ve recorded frame by frame on your PC, you would clearly spot any direct movements when firing a shot. You will even be able to detect how the laser respond under recoil before the bullet reaches your target. Soon, you will find that the laser would move to a particular location without fail, and keep on moving there once each shot is fired. It goes to show how reliable regarding accuracy a flash hider proves to be.

Common Designs That Counteracts Muzzle Rise

Designers like MadHouse Design in Grants Pass do their best to strike the right balance between not sending too much gas, so it forces the barrel downwards and sending sufficient gas upwards to counteract muzzle rise.

Brake brands who did not do too well concerning recoil reduction would probably not do too well when it comes to thwarting muzzle rise. After all, if brakes do not do a good job at redirecting gasses, then it should come as no surprise that is would not effectively redirect part of the gasses upward to offset muzzle rise.

Some flash suppressors designs have more of a narrow top than at the bottom part such as the OPS and TBAC Compact models. Due to this, they ended up far too far away from the point of target after a shot was taken. Somehow, the TBAC brake seems too short and would need a narrower top to redirect sufficient gas to counteract muzzle rise successfully. The OPS does not fare any better.

Now you can easily stay on target due to MadHouse Design Triple-port Muzzle Brakes. These designs are engineered for performance in a compact and sleek design. The TMB in itself offers substantial performance improvement whenever fast and accurate shooting is needed. The brakes evenly distribute any excess gas or gasses laterally through three ports that were precision engineered to ensure some serious recoil reduction and very little blowback or muzzle rise. Did we mention that this particular design has a solid bottom?